Reducing complexity in orthopaedic trauma


Values such as precision, accuracy, timeliness, endurance and quality have enabled Switzerland to be at the forefront of orthopaedic trauma surgery. Bonebridge is committed to building on Switzerland’s vast knowlegde and tradition in the design and manufacturing of orthopaedic implants.


We aim to reduce complexity in all aspects of orthopaedic trauma. This does not only mean reducing the complexity in the design process, the design itself, the production, the instruments and the usability of our products. It also means impeccable services and easy approachability of the company.


It is our goal to offer optimal clinical performance by providing the surgical team with easy-to-use implants and instruments that have been carefully designed to fit the surgical needs. Even the most discrete feature is aimed at optimizing clinical performance and reducing complexity.

SALGINA® 2.5mm Volar Distal Radius System

Designed for fracture care in the distal radius


Reducing complexity in the distal radius

Etwas für Knochen Etwas für Knochen
  • Y-Shape

    Permitting protection of the FPL tendon

  • Oblong Hole

    Allowing precise positioning of the plate

  • Kirschner Wire Holes

    For preliminary plate fixation

  • TicTM Holes

    Variable angle locking holes (15° angulation)

Excellence in application: 

The SALGINA® 2.5mm Distal Radius Instrument Set

Our story and vision

Bonebridge, established in 2018, is a Swiss medical device manufacturer dedicated to the design, the development, the production and the successful application of orthopaedic trauma implants. The company was founded by a group of clinicians and can count on a vast set of skills and experience among its stakeholders. Bonebridge is committed to be and remain close to clinical practice to allow for the identification of clinical problems. Solving clinical problems fast and in very closed collaboration with our clinical partners is to remain the cornerstone of Bonebridge. This only leads to orthopaedic trauma implants reduced in complexity.